16 April 2014

Rafael by Daniel Mattar

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01 April 2014

26 March 2014

Chance Meeting | Gentleman dot com | October 2013

Chance meeting: Augusta Street, Sao Paulo


 It was a saturday afternoon in São Paulo and I was taking street style pictures for the trend portal WGSN. I went to 9 de Julho Barbershop to visit my barber and I ended up meeting the Brazilian top model Rafael Lazzini, waiting for his turn on the queue.
His easy-going and relaxed personality is well translated on his style: white Converse, jeans and raglan t-shirt. His bracelet and key holder are, by the way, his own creations for his brand Lab-Store. You can read more about it here.

25 March 2014

Pool Jeans | Riachuelo | Lookbook

Pool Jeans | Riachuelo

Models: Rafael, Baptiste, Luana Teifke, Renata Sozzi, Daniela Braga.
Photos:  Nicole Heiniger


19 March 2014

Inked Magazine April/May 2014

Grooming: Michael Moreno
Photography: Michael Dwornik
source: LVAartists.com

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Spring/Summer '15
Ford Models Brasil